IQonIC Works™

IQonIC Works (where IQonIC stands for “Intelligent IP on IC,” and is pronounced /aɪˈkɒn.ɪk/) is a design technology company dedicated to the development of new RISC-V embedded processor IP, RISC-V based application specific IP, new application specific SoC IP platforms, as well as design enablement software and tools, for the designers of embedded semiconductors and systems.

Early application examples include Intelligent Sensor and Microcontroller ASICs, USB Type-C/PD Controllers, and Power Adapter Controllers. Future target applications include Real Time IO Control and IoT applications.

Why IQonIC Works?

IQonIC Works seeks to provide unique value to the designers of embedded semiconductors and systems via combination of:

  • Best in class implementations, both as silicon IP and in software, of the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture and of other open industry standards, excelling in performance, power, size, configurability, extendibility, and readiness for application.
  • Rapid prototyping and development tools and work flows for customer specific development, extensions, integrations, and applications, including tools for the rapid definition, simulation, and analysis of new custom instruction additions to the RISC-V standard instruction sets, for rapid virtual prototyping of new IP and SoC integrations, and for pre-silicon or post-silicon SW development in virtual environments.
  • New business models which enable the use of IP under standard or flexible customer tailored business models, from “IP as a Design Tool only” business models, through to “royalty licensed IP only” business models, depending on the customer project business model requirements, and including soft IP, hard IP, and even pre-designed and pre-validated GDS platforms for standalone manufacture or for multi-chip packaged products, in conjunction with other customer IP, as well as firmware and tools.

If you would like to find out more or speak to one of our representatives, please send a request using our online form here. We will respond to you shortly.